The Mystery Game ends 12/20/2010 and you're chance to get the rare red panda are becoming slimmer. To get a rare red panda after this date you can also read the post below and choose the red panda rather then the farmville 4th of July Cow!

The red panda is only one of many red and green themed animals brought out for the festive mystery game in Zynga's facebook application game; FarmVille.

date Sunday, 19 December 2010

FarmBucks (aka FarmVille Bucks, FarmVille Cash, FarmCash) is the currency used in Zynga's most popular FaceBook application game, FarmVille, to purchase exclusive items that include seasonal decorations like Santa's or Scarecrows. 
FarmBucks can usually be acquired in the game slowly by levelling up however most players purchase the FarmBucks with real money. FarmBucks was also given after completing unreliable surveys for which Zynga was slated in reviews for back in it's early stages and has since removed.

The Free Method is down below titled "Best Method"

While some gamers preferred getting free FarmBucks through surveys, others found it difficult. This lead to a substantial amount of bad reviews for which Zynga was forced to take the option down. This is one of the only FaceBook games that does not feature offers for free currency.

Current ways of getting paid and free FarmBucks:


PayPal is an easy, popular method in FarmVille to get FarmBucks. Players try to use other methods if possible as FarmVille's "spare change" deal is not the most cost effective. 

Levelling Up!

Levelling up in FarmVille earns you FarmBucks too. Commencing FarmVille, the player is given 5 FarmBucks and is then given 1 per level. As levelling up can be a slow and arduous in FarmVille and with a max level installed, this is not a good method of earning FarmBucks.

Levelling up though can be essential to getting more exclusive items that are available for purchase with your FarmVille FarmBucks!

Blue Ribbons!

Blue Ribbons usually award 10,000 coins and 1000XP to the player, and on some occasions a free FarmBuck! Again this is not a reliable or fast method of getting FarmBucks so it is best to find all the requirements and get that High Roller Blue Ribbon! 

Gifts and Prizes!

FarmVille releases FarmBucks as a unique gift!

There are 4 ways to unlock and get Free FarmBucks as a gift:

  • Get a FarmBuck from a Mystery Egg, Mystery Box or Grab bag. FarmBucks can also be gotten through the Blue ribbons as mentioned above or through select offers. Several promotional codes unlock new, rare and unique items as well as giving a substantial amount of free FarmBucks. If you entered the Green Giant promo code and the 7 Eleven promo code you would receive a total of 205 free FarmBucks!
  • You can get 3 free FarmVille FarmBucks from the FarmVille Care Package.
  • The Zynga FarmVille Toolbar gives you a bonus of 10 free FarmBucks. To download the toolbar click the Zynga promotion located above the FarmVille application to get your free FarmBucks.
  • FarmVille players who register an account with Zynga at Zynga's website can receive 25 free FarmBucks if they purchase a package by PayPal.

The Best Method
As told by the FarmVille duck.This can also get you free FaceBook Credits!

This is why you came to this Free FarmBucks Blog. The answer is FarmVille Game cards! A fairly recent release by Zynga, FarmVille gamecards are available to US, UK and CA users in $10, $20 and $50.

Now the whole point is how do we get these free FarmBucks? Well these cards can be purchased via PayPal or FarmBucks can be traded with Amazon Gift Cards.

You're first step is to sign up to this site, Points2Shop. This site has been used by millions of FarmVille players already to get their free FarmBucks. It's how many top players are getting them. The site works by you doing simply quick surveys for either cash or Amazon points. Alternatively you can refer people to the site and get $1 per person which can go straight into you PayPal. See how this is fitting now?

By using this very popular and highly regarded business you can easily get as many free FarmBucks as you need without worrying anything. Points2Shop works by referring you to 3rd party surveys and then paying 90% of the money for it. They then pay for your amazon items for you with the money you have earned. For FarmVille we will want to be getting Amazon gift cards however if you enjoy the family friendly site you can order anything from Amazon.

So a quick tutorial for those that need it:

  • Step 1

Click this link. Register and confirm your email. You will need to enter correct details for Points2Shop as they need to know where to send your items too, and your email so you can confirm it. You receive no spam mail in post or in email. Infact, I've received one email in over a year of using this service and that was my confirmation email.

  • Step 2

You will be sent a message in your site inbox automatically from the site admins and from your referrer. These are essential to helping you start off. Using this Free FarmBucks blog you'll receive a bonus $2.50 Amazon points towards the gift card. 
In the messages they will tell you which and how to complete a few quick and short surveys which are available daily so don't worry if you marked them as complete but got something wrong the first time.

  • Step 3

Redeem your points in the gift cards section for an Amazon gift card. this will then be shipped to you in the mail or by email if you have reached Bronze honour on the site (this just means you have already validated your address by ordering something).
You can also withdraw cash you make on the site's cash platform and from people you have referred to the site.

As easy as 1,2,3. 

This is a very proven method that myself and all my 200+ FarmVille friends use to get our FarmBucks. If you are sceptical you really have nothing to lose since everything is 100% and no credit details are ever required. Remember you are earning money through surveys and they pay for you. It's very quick, very easy and is why millions of FarmVille and other Zynga games players are doing it.

Sign up and get your Free FarmBucks for FarmVille!

  • So remember if your FarmBucks looks like this.

  • You can either download the Zynga toolbar if you haven't already for a mere 10 free FarmBucks:

  • The best way to get Free Farmville FarmBucks is to sign up above and then use these two methods:

date Monday, 11 October 2010